A.I. for Marketing Short Course

Course Overview

This A.I. for Marketing 6-week introductory course will help you learn how to practically apply A.I. to each stage of the marketing funnel and optimize your marketing spend.

This course aims to demystify A.I. for marketing and focuses on tools and frameworks available to extract insights from your existing data and use these insights to achieve marketing objectives.

You’ll be introduced to the core techniques and tools used in machine learning for marketing and get hands-on experience in predicting and clustering.

After an introduction to the state of adoption and available tools, we will go through a series of exercises to understand how we can use A.I. to predict conversions, churn, CLTV, how to cluster users into segments and build personas and how to use text analysis to monitor sentiment. You will also receive an introduction to Dataiku.

No coding skills required.

The Digital Jersey Academy is inviting applicants to its brand new A.I. for Marketing course, which begins in April, and comprises of weekly evening classes over 6 weeks.

Duration: 6 Weeks

Study Mode: Wednesday Evening Sessions 

28th April
5th May
12th May
19th May
26th May
2nd June

Delivery: Digital Jersey Academy (5:45pm – 7:30pm)

Fees: £300

Applications close on 21st April 2021. 

Course breakdown

Week 1

Introduction and state of adoption

Week 2

Prediction – Add to Cart and Purchase

Week 3

Prediction – Predicting Churn


Week 4

Prediction – Predicting CLTV

Week 5

Clustering – Data-driven Personas

Week 6

Text Analysis – Monitoring Sentiment

Who is the trainer?

Vincent Sider

Marketer and CEO, founder of MarketerRank. Vincent has 19 years’ experience as a digital strategist and marketing practitioner, helping organisations define and build their digital strategies and improve their digital marketing. He has worked globally with some of the world’s leading organisations developing world-class digital marketing as Head of Strategy for British Telecom then Vice President for Social Media at the BBC and Head of TopGear.com, Adviser at the Royal Foundation and Board Member of its digital steering group. He is an award-winning (Global Telecom Innovation Award) lecturer and an alumnus of Mines ParisTech.